What is customs clearance

Clearance from Boshehr, Khoramshahr and BandarAbas brokerages

Customs clearance refers to the set of customs activities usually carried out for import and export by the owners of the goods or their legal representatives. It has various formalities and procedures that require merchants and businessmen to remove goods from customs offices and complete the process. Documentation, tax calculation, customs duties and other import and export matters can be found in various parts of the process.

Clearance in the country means the preparation and presentation of various documents, including the necessary clearance permits. Standard License, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Communications, Counter Narcotics, Quarantine and Vegetables, and other compulsory licenses such as the Ministry of Road License apply to all goods that enter the country with a non-Iranian fleet and according to the laws and regulations of transportation, the toll includes the payment of 10% of the total fare.

Important Iranian customs include: Tehran, Bushehr and Bandar Abbas. Free trade zones and airports are other places where you can clear your own goods.

In Iran, according to the purpose of import and export of each commodity, several customs procedures have been developed to facilitate clearance by the Cabinet of Ministers and have been notified to the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

For instance, sometimes goods have a definitive entry permit and sometimes a temporary entry permit. Other customs orders and procedures may include provisional export, definitive export, domestic transit, foreign transit, and consignment.