Iran Customs clearance at the fastest time

Senior executives of Tejarat Hayan Secure Port Company have dominated international trade affairs with over 11 years experience in clearing, ordering and obtaining transit and other commercial services in southern customs brokerages such as Bushehr, Khorramshahr, Bandar Abbas and etc.

Our field of activity is clearance of commodities such as automobiles and auto parts of electrical appliances such as vacuum cleaners and microwave and raw materials for fiber paste, absorbent hydrocarbons, porcelain ceramics, artificial flower crystals, etc.

The company’s pride can be the record of clearance of 1868 outlet containers in just one year, with the goal of dramatically reducing the cost of miscellaneous items to minimize time and speed up clearance.

Coordination with customs circuits which undergo numerous changes and tariff fluctuations daily after obtaining the official customs brokerage license from Iran Customs in 2016 by Managing Director and Chairman of Board of Directors under the name of Mrs. Ashayeri set up to establish a representative company in the capital city of Tehran and is currently ready to officially offer a variety of commercial and customs services in the field of customs clearance and registration of goods from the south of the country to respected traders.