Customs clearance steps

Customs clearance steps from brokerage

  1. Send documents by customer
  2. Obtaining the necessary permits to release the goods if needed
  3. Complete and arrange documents and referrals to order, standard, shipping units
  4. Statement Round and Print Statement
  5. Authentication – Article 7 – Taking cottage – Routing
  6. Green Route Determination – Yellow Route Evaluation Number – Document Review – Expert Red Route Value (Evaluation If Needed) – Evaluation – Laboratory Evaluation Expert – Salon Expert – Evaluation Number – Chief of Service – Bank Deposit and Licensing
  7. Exit the cottage
  8. Allowance for Loading and Exiting
  9. Receive address from customer and announce to land transport company
  10. Invoicing Bijack (invoice)
  11. Loading and exit door
  12. Customs clearance and release
  13. Announcing Driver’s Number and Truck Information to Customer
  14. Delivery of bills by discharge department to finance
  15. Sending invoice from finance to customer