Official customs clearance brokerage

“Tejarat Hayan Secure Port” with an articulation of the tremendous developments in the field of international business, with IT specialists familiar with customs rules and regulations, is ready to meet the expectations of the business community on speed, transparency, reduction of bureaucracy and reduction costs in customs procedures.

We hope we can play a minor role in enhancing customs efficiency in the process of exporting, importing, supplying and analyzing foreign trade statistics and information about Iran.

Our Mission Statement and Vision

We strive to take a small step in facilitating the realization of e-government by keeping pace with technological advances that have undergone tremendous changes in customs processes, and in the way of business development have virtually eliminated many of the former clauses and replaced new practices with traditional approaches, by providing soft infrastructure, in addition to entering the field of e-commerce, software, systems, and human resources.


Our managers’ strategy by preparation to manage change in today’s dynamic and changing environment to accelerate international trade in accordance with laws and regulations, focusing on customer orientation, cost reduction, increased productivity, easy and fast access to needed information, will accelerate the process of clearance and transparency of business operations towards globalization.